3. Biodynamic Incubator


Sunrise Farm is an architectural experiment of a small human sett lement where people can repurpose lives through collective working, learning, and play in a local community form. It promotes the concept of circular economics, slow movement, slow eating, and harmonious relationships between humans and nature.

As one of the production facilities on this 135-acre farm, this project aims to increase the resilience of the farm ecosystem and social resilience in order to be stable and biodynamic. The circular and interlocking program organization enables diff erent programs to benefit from each other through byproducts. It also allows visitors and farmworkers to bump into each other and have natural conversations such that they gain diverse knowledge from each other. Thus, the place becomes an incubator of various products in a circular economy manner for the farm and a learning hub that creates polymaths.
INSTRUCTOR:  Michael Rotondi
YEAR: Fall, 2021
LOCATION: Bozeman, Montana
ROLE: Individual Work