9. Hyperloop Desert Campus

Humans have been trying to read, translate, and represent nature in all diff erent ways. The topgraphic map is one imaginary method to represent nature in a logical and containable way. It comes from nature and represents humans’ understanding of nature.

Hyperloop Desert Campus is composed of three super components. The major one is TOPO, which is built based on the topographic map extracted from Tucki Wash in the heart of Death Valley. The other two super components, CAESARS and PALAZZO, are designed by referencing the profile of two wellknown resorts, The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. They are rotated 90 degrees and inserted into TOPO as if they grow out of it. Instead of growing vertically, they protrude from TOPO horizontally, expressing the idea of living and developing with nature instead of one taking over the other.
PROJECT TYPE: Personal Competition
YEAR: Summer, 2020
LOCATION: Death Valley, Las Vegas , USA
ROLE: Individual Work