4. Segmental Linear Bar by the River

A major European engineering, manufacturing, and construction company, Prefa Aluminum, is located 80 km southwest of Vienna in the town of Marktl. The company intends to build the Prefa Academy above an existing on-grade parking lot site situated between the main highway to and from Vienna, and the Traisen River that flows just east of the site.

As two dominant behaviors of the project, rotation and splitt ing transformed the prevailing typology ( a long bar) into five smaller “chunks.” Thus, they speak to the context of this rural aluminum manufacturing town with few single-family houses. Breaking down the project’s totality implicitly reveals program organization and circulation. The wireframe evolved from the symptom of diplopia, emphasizing the rotation’s eccentricity and functions as vertical gardens.
INSTRUCTOR:  Eric Owen Moss
YEAR: Spring, 2021
LOCATION: Marktl Town, Austria
ROLE: Collaborative Project with Daniel Yu