8. Handrail Detail

The handrail of Eric Owen Moss’s Lawson-Westen House is located at the bott om of the vertical funnel, one of the major ordering devices in the building’s circulation system. As in an extraordinarily complex geometric feat, our approach to the new handrail takes on more of the presentation and services of a more extensive understanding of the building than the original simple form of the handrail.

Inspired by the chunkiness and heaviness of the main entrance door and beams, we continued the game by playing with the solid and void with wood and steel. The elaborately designed furniture brings more ways to treat similar forms diff erently on the smaller scale of the handrail detail. The contrast between hard and soft materials is most pronounced in the connection, with various kinds of metal off set by the tactile richness of the wooden chunk.
INSTRUCTOR:  Dwayne Oyler
YEAR: Spring, 2021
LOCATION: Los Angeles, USA
ROLE: Collaborative Project with Jiaxin You, Huan Liang