6. Flatland

Flatland is a word that created by Edwin A. Abbott , depicts the Romance of Many Dimensions in one space and the flatt ening of objects qualities.

The project is built on top of Louis Vuitt on Women’s
Spring-summer Runway 2021, proposing a mixed-reality
fashion experience that is equally accessible to
everyone. The mix reality is the juxtaposition of the
mechanically dynamic space, the virtual contents
that visitors can interact with, and the urban context
of Paris. The building’s role is a machine that allows
sophisticated mechanical systems collaborate
real-time technologies, together to create an mixed
reality visiting and shopping experience at this Louis
Vuitt on metaverse Headquarter (former La Samaritaine).

The final product of the project is a film that leads
audience from the city through the indigested back
of house, to the glamorous runway space. It confronts
the Fashion Classism and the issue of accessibility
to progressive technologies.
INSTRUCTOR:  Farzin Lotfi-Jam
YEAR: Fall, 2022
LOCATION: Paris, France
ROLE: Collaborative Project with Steven Liu