1. Equivalent Volumes

The thesis advocates for equivalent volumes that flatt en the hierarchy of civic and cultural spaces. Designed volumes interact and negotiate boundaries, diminishing individual qualities in favor of combined characteristics and configurations.

The project is a Philharmonic Hall located in Prague. As part of a larger development, the site, a new cultural center located along the Vltava River, extends the cultural and historic center while connecting to existing and new transportation infrastructure. The project lands in between these conditions and off ers significant opportunities to test the thesis, including internal program and urban planning. By having three off -centered massing and figural plazas, it creates more edges for the city to interface with diff erent programs.
INSTRUCTOR:  Kristy Balliet
YEAR: Spring, 2022
LOCATION: Prague, Czech Republic
ROLE: Collaborative Project with Yunbin Wang
Award: Blythe + Thom Mayne Undergraduate Thesis Prize