5. Urban Tribe Tower

In 2018, the CCA (Central City Association) of Los Angeles produced a White Paper for the advocacy of micro-units in downtown. It allows a possibility of higher unit density with less or even no parking facility if the property is close to public transits. It makes me reconsider the purpose for people to live in a micro unit housing. What do they really seek in this lifestyle when the expensive rent leads to inequitably compact floor layouts? What’s the image of a highrise micro unit complex sitt ing in the middle of Chinatown Los Angeles?

By collecting and displaying volumetric objects in stacked cubic shelvings formally, I established a relationship across architecture at diff erent scales: individual units, objects contained in one cube (a cluster of units), and a Nine Patch (a cluster of 9 cubes). The spatial interrelation provides both absolute privacy from diff erent cubes, and moderate connections among units that within the same cube.
INSTRUCTOR:  Margaret Griffin
YEAR: Fall, 2019
LOCATION: Chinatown, Downtown Los Angeles, USA
ROLE: Individual Work