14. Short Film: Room Beyond Imagery

In the context of image making, projection refers to the process of displaying or reproducing an image onto a surface or screen. It involves casting an image or light through a lens or other optical system onto a target surface, creating a larger or scaled representation of the original image.

This light-related experimental image-making installation project aims to manipulate and make additions to a space where the boundary between virtuality and physicality becomes unclear. The project intends to create multiplied layers of imagery by reflecting on shadow casting, penetrating through polycarbonate sheets, mesh sheets, fabric, various architectural elements, and natual elements. After the complex travel in the space, the light will be represented in different forms and adding materialities to the physical surfaces.

INSTRUCTOR:  Andrew Peter Lucia
YEAR: Spring, 2023
LOCATION: Milstein Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca
ROLE: Collaborative Project with Steven Liu


Experiments with various Media Materials to achieve holographic effects.

Exhibition Site Characteristics

Site & Optics Analysis by using Digital model & Grasshopper